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Forum Rules

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1 Forum Rules on 10/28/2013, 12:35 am


1.1 Do not sell anything on the forums.

1.2 All must must be in English.

1.3 Do not revive dead threads.

1.4 Respect all members of the community.

1.5 No inappropriate avatars signatures (Read more below.)

1.6 Do not post anyone's personal info.

1.7 Do not impersonate anyone.

1.8 Do not post PM's.

1.9 Do not ban evade.

1.10 Do not plagiarize.

1.11 Do not spam reports.

Spam and Advertising

2.1 Do not advertise any other server.

2.2 Do not make single worded posts.

2.3 Do not make pointless topics.

2.4 Do not go and post on a bunch of topics at one time.

2.5 All posts must have more then 20 characters if not it will be considered spam.

2.6 Do not spam admins they get your messages be patient.

Links and Pictures

3.1 Do not post links to porn sites.

3.2 Do not post inappropriate pictures.

3.3 Do not post screamers.

3.4 Do not post links containing viruses.

3.5 Do not post links to anything illegal.


4.1 Do not make racist posts.

4.2 Post in the right section.

4.3 Follow the format if there is one.

4.4 Do not make pointless posts.

4.5 Do not troll.

4.6 Do not flame.

4.7 Do not post the same thing twice.

4.8 Do not bump topics.

4.9 Do not post on old topics, unless they are staff applications.

4.10 Do not make posts to harass people.

4.11 Do not make posts in all caps.

Our Rights

5.1 We have the right to edit/remove posts.

5.2 We have the right to ban you even if you donated.

Contact Information

6.1 I will NOT provide the number nor the STEAMID's for admins but you can contact them through PM.

Avatars and Signatures

7.1 Absolutely no nudity or offensive material in your avatar, banner, or signature will be permitted.

7.2 No commercial, business and/or website promotion/advertisement in your avatar, banner, or signature will be permitted


Ban from the server.
Ban from the Forums.
IP ban.

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